A home addition is the perfect add-on when you are looking to increase the square footage of your house. Here at MNS Contractors, we are your professional home builder offering the perfect custom homes that will fit into your present and future needs.

Custom home additions are a great way to create more space in your home. The best part about adding a custom home addition is that you can customize the addition according to what works for your family and lifestyle. There are many different types of custom home additions, so it's important to do some research before deciding which one will work best for you!

We focus on a range of home additions to residents in Cambridge, Brookline, Weston, Wellesley, Sudbury, Newton and Natick areas. 

Our contractors can expand on any existing room or perform conversions to existing areas to make them into livable spaces. We can work on the rooms in the inside of your house, outdoor living spaces, and other structures such as garages. Types of construction projects that we offer include:

Up or out addition?

When considering a custom home addition, your first choice is which kind of addition should you add on to your home. If your primary goal is to add more living space, you have two options: adding on up (usually in the form of a second story) or out, with an expansion.

Expanding up is great for parents who want to be able-bodied and close by when their kids are playing outside; it also lets you use space indoors that's often underused because every kid needs his own bedroom and bathroom these days!

Expanding out may not suit everyone but can create more outdoor living areas like gardens where life happens all year round thanks mostly due its climate control features which make this option popular amongst families looking at homes with sizeable yards.

No matter what you choose, an additional story or expansion to your home is sure-fire way of maximizing space and making it more livable for everyone in the family!

The decision between these options depends only if people want added stories inside their homes where busy families will spend most time or outside creating space on the first level that can be used all year round.

Expanding up addition

We recommend enlarging your home upwards if creating additional bedrooms will alleviate any issues such as too many people sharing one room. Home remodeling contractors often call this a "pop-top" addition by adding a second story.

Building up can literally double your home's square footage without changing its footprint. You'll have the ability to design whatever bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and family room configuration you wish. Building up will also significantly transform the exterior of your home.

If you've been thinking about this type of home remodeling in Massachusetts, it's important to consider these tips.

Can you build up?

Not all homes are equipped to handle a second story and some areas may have stricter regulations that prevent you from adding a second floor to an already existing home. It's important to talk to an experienced remodeling contractor about the prospect of adding a second floor. They will take a good look at the foundation and determine if it's capable of handling the extra weight. They can also tell you if local ordinances allow for this change.

For most people, bedrooms will go on the second floor of their new addition. This means it's important to ensure there is proper storage there as well. The last thing you want to do is have to take linens up and down the stairs constantly as you change sheets or need fresh towels in the bathroom. Storing them on the second floor is invaluable for saving energy and ensuring your home is user friendly.

Walking up a set of stairs to go upstairs is also something people don't often think about when they consider adding on. If you have any sort or disability, it can be difficult for them and those who care most deeply around this person will know what we mean here!

When you're adding another floor, you must consider changes to the first floor as well. For instance, a staircase needs to be built for access to the second floor. Think about where that should be. If you don't really need additional bedrooms, consider expanding the kitchen on the first floor or even breaking down a wall or two to create a larger bedroom on the main floor.

If there are steps in the home now that remain unchanged after construction completes- make sure these changes happen as well if not before so your loved one doesn't slip down an extra flight while still recovering from their injury (or illness).

One of the most practical changes to make in a home renovation project includes upgrading heating and cooling systems for maximum efficiency if your house has an outdated system that hasn't been updated since it was built or renovated years ago, this can be one simple change you may not want overlooked now when considering improvements; though some homeowners don't see why they need these upgrades as long their homes are cool enough during summer months.

Expanding out addition

Can you build out?

Adding a room to your home can be an excellent way of creating more space. An in-law suite, for instance offers the perfect alternative housing option when there aren't enough bedrooms or if some family members.

Expanding out or build outs, also known as bump outs, are usually less expensive by about 25 percent than build ups. This remodel usually involves constructing a "U" or "L" shaped addition or enclosing a carport. Build outs are only feasible if your home's lot is large enough.

Additionally, for larger build-out projects, you'll usually lose a sizable portion of your yard. Either option will deliver more square footage and a dramatic change to the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Types of Home Additions

What type or types would be best for the new space ? These include a room expansions, master bedroom suites, sunroom/family room, in-law suites, garage, basement and more.

Room Expansions

Your existing bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room may be too small for your growing family. We provide our construction expertise to increase the square footage of these spaces by providing bump outs or micro additions.

Bright bedroom with wooden floor and violet additions

New Rooms

You may need a dining room, nursery, entertainment room, home office or other extra space added onto your home. Our contractors can add as many new rooms that you require based on available property space and the architecture of your home.

Dormers and Second Floors

You may have an attic space that you want expanded, or are looking to add another floor to a single story home or ranch house. Our home builder company can add a dormer or second story to your house. We can also place second floors to garages.

conservatory extension of a family home with leather sofa and tiled floor

Sunroom - Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you looking to enjoy more of the great outdoors but don't like the look of your existing porch? Consider placing in a sun room, enclosed back patio space, or even a mudroom.

A sunroom/family room is a type of buildout that is often created in order to provide additional living space. It typically includes a lot of natural light and glass windows, perfect for spending time outside during the summer months or as an escape from cold weathers.

A sunroom can be installed on either side (west/east)of your home- it will only get full morning sunlight with no afternoon glare if you are installing one east facing window onto Northeast wall. East rooms offer more surface area than south room because they have fewer walls that block direct exposure.

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when adding on a home addition, including zoning ordinances and building codes.

Let the professionals at MNS Contractors handle all the details.

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Master bedroom suite room addition


Another type of room addition is a master suite. You've worked hard for your home. Shouldn't you get a little something to enjoy for yourself? A great home room addition to consider if you want to treat yourself is a master bathroom attached to your bedroom. Instead of having to share a bathroom with the family, you can finally have your own bathroom space.


Adding on another bedroom with attached bathroom space comes down mainly to making decisions about shape: square/rectangular vs round; any other desired dimensions like height from flooring etc. There may even need adjustments made within walls already established such examples include changing layouts between rooms among others which could affect whole structural composition at this point but ultimately dependent upon whom performs work once project.

master bedroom suite

Garage addition

Another type of addition that is a build out is a garage. The garage is often positioned alongside the house, but it can be added on to any of its sides. Garages are a great way for homeowners who have cars or other large items that need storage space outside their homes and they're also an extra work area with plenty more room than what people usually get in between walls inside houses! Not to mention it can increase your resale value

Types of garages. There are two types of garages to consider, attached or detached

Attached garage

This means you'll find your new garaging right next door (or even connected) to your house. In the past, this was a more-common choice that homeowners took.

On average attached garages cheaper than other types because builders can use existing space instead (though new construction is also an option).

They do have some disadvantages though - for example if you want your garage and house on different levels but are only able from using one level due being limited by zoning regulations then building next door won't help with any type: attached garages always must be at identical ground level as another residence. For those who don't need all their parking spaces inside such close proximity yet would like additional storage outside buildings? A detached unit might make things work better out.

attached garage
Detached Garage

Detached garages

Detached garages are often cheaper to build than attached because they don't require the construction of a foundation and need less framing. They're also easier for people who want some space between their home garage, which can be helpful if there's not enough room next door or in-between houses without needing access from both sides (such as driveways).

An added benefit with detached is that it allows you more flexibility when designing your floor plan since no one needs an easement on either side! The downside however might come into play depending upon where homeowners live - though typically these homes have plenty off street parking so nobody will care about detaching them anyway.

Finished Basement


Sometimes basements and attics go unused.

MNS Contractors can convert these existing spaces into finishes rooms to provide more livable space.

Cost of home additions

Home addition costs vary depending upon what type of addition you are doing, and the degree to which it affects your home's original footprint. The cost can range from as little at $40 per square foot for a small bedroom or bathroom remodel up into six figures when adding an entire second story onto one end-of -row house that requires taking down multiple walls in order complete this project successfully!

Generally speaking though average costs will be somewhere between these two extremes while still being affected by many other factors such like size needed (square footage) along with any needing space right away versus if can wait another few months before moving forward which way less expensive vs time frame needed so therefore able save money overall investment by doing research ahead determine best option work better budget timing constraints needs convenience location often ends up also other renovations, and the urgency of your project.

Benefits of home additions

There are many benefits to a home addition. Below are the top 3:

Additional living space for the growing family

This can be a great way to get that extra bedroom, bathroom or kitchen you need without having another mortgage payment every month! Plus with detached garages and no-spaces between homes it makes this an easy addition of your home additions list too much easier on pricing since these are usually less expensive than adding square footage onto existing structures - which is something we'll talk about in more detail later. In cases where there's not enough room next door--or even if they want some distance by separating their garage area off but still have parking available right out front.

It's an investment that pays off in many ways

A remodeling project can increase your comfort and seamlessly fitting into existing lifestyles while accommodating family members' needs over time (such as children growing up); and enhances both your home's resale potential plus its owner-occupant satisfaction level.

Home additions add space without the added cost and disruption of moving

A home addition is typically a one-time investment, and may be the only way to add space without moving. It's an attractive option for families that want more room but cannot afford or don't have time enough available in their busy lives to move to a larger home.

The foremost advantage is that an addition doesn't require moving - which can be traumatic for everyone in the family, especially school-age children who may have to switch schools and friends if they are not able or willing relocate as well; it's also expensive enough without adding even more costs by having people move twice within short time frames (potentially increasing business expenses) or perfectly optimized content goes here!